I would like to welcome you to my new blog!

Why Seashores ? Good question ! We Swiss tend to like doing things that have little to do with Switzerland like winning the ocean sailing race with Alinghi, flying around the world in a balloon, going round our earth with a solar boat, or solar plane. I was raised in Rio, Brasil and love the ocean and seashores… so there!

I am going to talk about anything that interests me and concurrently, learn all I can about WordPress! I have to brush up my English and have enough imagination to think about blog subjects and maintaining the conversation.

The general tone of this blog should be, as the title suggests, that of relaxed, benign, tolerance. One should avoid all personal attacks and use of bad language will not be accepted. We will aim for the facts and only criticize people if it is important for the clarity of the idea expressed.

Please answer the posts in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, as these are the languages I understand.

We shall see what gives! :)

I grew up in a city, Rio de Janeiro,  surrounded by Ocean – and Seashores.

Beyond their beauty, seashores are transition areas from Land to Sea.

Not quite Land … and not quite Sea…

I lived most of my life in Geneva, and still feel in transition.

Not quite Here – not quite There..

Not quite South – not quite North..

Not quite Sun – not quite Snow..

But little by little, I’ve come to appreciate a lot of things Genevan, and especially our lake, le Lac Leman, and my secret little corners along its shores.

Not quite Leaf – not quite Stone..

Not quite Heart – not quite Mind..

Not quite Young – Not quite Old..

Not quite Me – Not quite You.