Climate Change Denial — 3 Comments

  1. A handful of rent-seeking government beneficiaries claim that CO2 and water vapor will destroy the planet and the only answer is prompt government coercion. Elsewhere, over 30,000 graduates with science degrees are circulating a petition ( urging that no such coercion be undertaken. The Solomon Asch experiment, “Opinions and Social Pressure” showed that 3/4 of all educated people can be tricked into denying the facts of reality by a surrounding crowd on no evidence whatsoever. The warmer-doomsayers never say how much energy is trapped by CO2 and water vapor. Finally, can you really trust people to tell the truth when by their own admission they believe it is right to take things from others by force? (Your childhood friend, Hank)

  2. My good brother,

    First of all congratulations on your efforts to share you inner thoughts with a variety of people and to be open to their comments, suggestions, but also possible criticism. This said, I think that though through aging and exeperience of life I’ve become more tolerant than I used to be years back, I still remain quite conservative with respect to spelling mistakes. In fact, at the beginning of your welcome words you mentioned:

    There is a whole group of people, individuals and groups, who do there utmost to deny this!

    Well, it is clear: the “there” you wrote does not mean the “their” you meant. It therefore calls for corrective action, not least to show that you have read my message and that you are respongdng to it.

    Thanks a lot, we’ll be in touch, all the best for now,


    • Ciao Adelmo!

      I completely agree with you! Will have to keep an eye on my spelling and grammar! ouch!

      But, my very good brother, I would prefer you comment on my blog question, or answer someone else’s comment, instead of only, but rightfully correcting me!

      Have a great day!


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